DesWare Lda. is a Portuguese company with international activity. Created in February of 2003.

In the beginning, DesWare Lda. focused on providing IT services and distributing computer equipment. Over time, we have transformed into a specialized consulting company that offers comprehensive IT services. We have developed the necessary expertise not only to meet the demands of software development and sales and distribution of computer equipment, but also to provide pre and post-sales support required by our clients and partners.

As technology and market dynamics evolved, we too have evolved and matured while upholding our philosophy of care and loyalty towards each of our clients. Additionally, we have embraced practices that promote sustainability and social well-being.

At our core, we believe in the potential of our clients to reshape the world for the better. That is why we actively assist them in exploring new possibilities, harnessing emerging technologies, and establishing resilient business models, all while staying true to their unique identities.

Through our own experiences, we have developed a deep appreciation for the resilience, tenacity, and sheer determination that entrepreneurs exhibit. We understand the sleepless nights, the sacrifices, and the unwavering commitment it takes to transform an idea into a thriving venture. It is this understanding that forms the foundation of our relationship with entrepreneurs.

In summary, at DesWare Lda., we intimately understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs because we have walked in their shoes. We bring not only our technical expertise but also our firsthand entrepreneurial experiences and values to the table. Through our unwavering support, tailored solutions, and collaborative approach, we are dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles, unlock full potential, and achieve remarkable success.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to know more about how we can support your evolution.